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Animal Qigong is the oldest form of Qigong in history. Apart from the primitive dragon and bull dance some 4000 years ago, Bear moving" and "Bird stretching" are clearly documented as regular exercises for some Chinese people living 2300 years ago. Many forms of Qigong are named after animals, such as the flying crane, the swimming dragon, the snake and the turtle Qigong. 

The Five Animal Qigong was created 1500 years ago by Hua Tuo, an extraordinary healer. Over its history, it has evolved into different styles.

Through imitating the movements, sounds and breathing of the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and bird, the Five Animal Qigong brings us back to our free human nature. It is enjoyable to practice and effective in revitalising our energy and rejuvenating our body. Symbolically, the animals are related to the five element colours, seasons, internal organs, sensory organs and emotions.

The Hua style of Five Animals is practiced through simple forms of movements, meditation and
spontaneous play of the animals. 

It is an important part of the Hua Gong system focusing on physical fitness and vitality.

Internally it opens the Qi meridians and cavities and cultivates the Jing Qi Shen (body essence, vital energy and spirit). Externally it improves our bones, joints, tendons, muscles, hair and skin.


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