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 Aikido FAQ
Excellent resource on Aikido

"The Source for Aikido Information"

Arnis & Escrima
Gat Puno Abon.  This page is brought to you by a small group of students in the Garimot System martial art, and is intended to introduce this system of Arnis to those who might be interested in knowing more.

Ask Sensei.com 
ask your martial arts question, review others' Q&A.... 

Australian HapKiDo Group
Master Geoff J. Booth.  The International Hapkido Alliance is dedicated to the propagation and standardisation of Hapkido along with its traditional spirit throughout the globe.

Austria's HapKiDo World
International Hapkido Journal (in English and German).

Brothersmith Swords
Retailer of fine Swords, Knives, and replicas of guns and armor.

Burrese Enterprises
Personal Security & Self Defense for Your Safety

Cane Masters
Master Mark Shuey, Sr. - Hand-crafted canes, instructional media and seminars.  Each cane is custom made. 

Circle of Masters
Grand Master D. McEaddy.  International Freestyle Martial Arts Organization.

Enter the Ninja
Learn about Ninja weapons, history, tools, more...

Cool martial arts resource site.

Filipino Combat Systems 
Guro Ray Dionaldo's site promoting all Filipino Martial arts. Check this site to find a Filipino Combat Art school in Florida. 

Goju-Shorei Weapons System 
teaches any individual how to use a cane, knife or fan.... 

Hapkido Info.Net
Includes info about Hapkido seminars, dojangs, history, basics, more...

Hwa Rang Do Netherlands
Interesting site from the Netherlands

Iron Crane Dojo 
Gun Fu Animal Fighting Styles - Kata, Lessons, HapKiDo, Issinryu, Swords, Cane..... 

International Modern Hapkido Federation
offers a self defense system based on a selection of Hapkido methods integrated with modern weapons techniques to improve your chances in street combat.. 

Jeet Kune Do Association
Grandmaster Gary Dill.  SDS/Jeet Kune Do is the personal system of Professor Gary Dill, who is one of the few original JKD students.

Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts
information on a range of Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial art subjects

Jeet Kune Do Web Kwoon
An on-line forum about Bruce Lee's art of JK

Judo Info Site 
the world's biggest virtual Judo club, with comprehensive information about the sport and art of Judo.... 

Karate Angels
A kids only website. Lots of cool features!

under Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato, Naha City, Okinawa & one of his senior students in the the U.S.A., Kyoshi Nabil Noujaim. "On-Line" MPEG3 video streaming Kata & Kobudo lessons... 

Keichu-Do "Cajun" Karate
Christian Karate and Self Defense

Kempo JuJitsu
Find out about Kempo in the UK...

Kenpo Net
access to a discussion forum visited by thousands every week. Also gives access to an archive of Kenpo information and articles, an international studio directory ... 

Kukjae Hapkido of New Zealand
Hapkido combines hand strikes and powerful kicking with joint locks, pressure points, holds, takedowns and throws, with a strong orientation towards practical self defense... 
a new way of martial arts developed by Grandmaster Saroj K. Joshi of Nepal...

Learn about Kyudo in Austria...
as our name implies, the martial arts are an absolute experience for not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. This website uniquely focuses on how the martial arts benefit students and their learning.... 

Martial Arts Mastery 
free e-zine - A Tell-All of Tips, Tactics, and Techniques .. 

Martial Arts Trickz
this website is about all kinds of special kicks, moves and flips, combining various martial arts like Taekwondo, Wushu, Capoeira with gymnastics and acrobatics .. 

Martial Combatives Dojo
Maestro Peter Urban's Fight Schools Network official web site. If your interested in learning about Martial Combatives, start here. 


Meishin Kyudojo 
dedicated to the instruction and advancement of kyudo, the traditional art of Japanese archery.

MK Park Martial Arts Center
Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, TK Boxing - NYC, NY

National Korean Martial Arts Association
NKMAA is a nonprofit Association, founded by GM Rudy Timmerman, in order to provide training and/or certification to Korean style martial artists. 

Nunchaku Guild
very informative site, dedicated soley to the nunchaku. 

Pai Lum Tao
Grandmaster Glenn Wilson.  White Dragon Warrior Society devoted to Pai Lum Tao Kung Fu, Kenpo and Tai Chi.

Paul Treggiden's Bruce Lee site
Info, pics and videos of Bruce Lee

Progressive Protection Systems
The system has elements of modified Wing Chun, Arnis and other Shaolin Systems

Russian Martial Art
your Official Internet Gateway to Russian Health, Martial Art, and Physical Culture.  Learn about R.O.S.S. here.

San Francisco Taiko Dojo
for all that cool Japanese drum music!  The combination of traditional and contemporary rhythms, dance, and martial arts.

Shaolin.com is dedicated to the traditions of the Shaolin order, including the kung fu styles made famous by the Shaolin monks... 

Shotokan Martial Arts
Traditional school, building both mind and body. Kids our specialty

Sons of the Dragon Combat Martial Arts Society
If you are serious about self defense.

Switzerland Kung Fu
(in German) Grandmaster Jurg Ziegler.

The Mindset of a Martial Artist
Dean Clerc's website about what a martial artist should be thinking

The Peaceful Warriors
Learn about Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido

United States Korean Martial Arts Federation
Master J.R.West.

USA Dojo 
Usadojo.com is an encyclopedia of Martial Arts... 

Vee Jitsu System
Professor Daniel Torres.  DanTor Ryu Jujitsu, School of Modern Vee Jitsu Jujitsu System Inc.

Warrior International Martial Arts Association
Interesting site with lots of info on training and certification...

White Dragons of Bushido
A Martial Arts system with personal and professional ethics... 

Wing Chun Academy - Australia
Wing Chun kung fu (Ving Tsun Gung Fu) is the world's fastest growing martial art.Grandmaster Jim Fung

Wing Chun Do
is a Martial Arts system founded and developed by Grandmaster, Sijo James W. DeMile

World Head of Family Sokeship Council
Grand Master Sanchez.  Home of the Most Elite And Prestigious Grandmasters Council in the World.

Yang Tai Chi
Yang family Tai Chi web site giving information on Tai Chi including Seminars, Centers, discussion groups and writings. 

Grandmaster Chaka Zulu utilizes over 40 years in martial arts to develop Zujitsu, a modern blend of fighting styles for self-defense and street combat. Headquarters in New York with other locations in USA, Virgin Islands and Europe..


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